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SSL Management

Effective management of SSL is important for maintaining a secure online environment, preventing security breaches, ensuring data privacy, and building trust with website visitors. With that being said, FlyWP has now added two new features to let you smartly do that.

By using the SSL management feature, you can:

  • The Enhanced SSL Manager
  • Custom SSL certificate support

As a result, you can manage your site’s SSL shield, set your online preferences, and establish a secure connection.

What is SSL management?

Supervising the SSL certificates used on a network for their whole lifecycle is known as SSL management. Digital credentials, known as TLS certificates, are used to encrypt user-site communication and authenticate websites. Also, it has some other facilities, like monitoring, tracking, and managing renewals.

FlyWP’s SSL management feature

FlyWP has enhanced SSL management capabilities to provide full security for WordPress sites. By simplifying SSL certificate installation and management, FlyWP streamlines the WordPress server management experience.

01. Enhanced SSL Manager

Our new SSL Manager is designed to make SSL certificate management easier and more intuitive than ever before. With a clean and user-friendly interface, you can effortlessly install, manage, and renew SSL certificates for your WordPress sites.

How to use the SSL manager feature?

Head over to FlyWP and open a website. Then go to the SSL section. Here is how to create a website with a FlyWP.

Here, you’ll get two options.

  1. Installing a free SSL (Let’s Encrypt)
  2. Installing an existing one (Or custom)
Enhanced SSL Manager

You must see the domain’s details here.

Image 36

Just click on the “Install Certificate” button to install the SSL.

Image 37

The SSL certificate has been created. You can remove the SSL whenever you want.

Image 38

Custom SSL Support

Along with our improved SSL Manager, we are excited to announce that Custom SSL certificates can now be used. This feature lets you install existing SSL certificates from any provider, giving you the freedom to use certificates that are best for your needs.

Key benefits include:

  • Install SSL certificates from any trusted provider.
  • It’s easy to paste your certificate and private key into the provided fields. After that, FlyWP takes care of the rest. No configurations or command-line interactions are required.
  • Custom SSL support ensures your site’s highest level of security.

How to use the custom SSL management feature?

Just beside “SSL management,” you will find the custom management option for it. Click here and you’ll be asked to enter your existing certificate and private keys.

Image 39

That’s all, Your certificate will be added, and your privacy will be encrypted. So that’s how the SSL management feature works. If you have any questions regarding any of our features, please feel free to contact us. We’ll be glad to solve your issues.

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