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Wasabi isn’t your typical backup provider. Instead of offering their backup software, they focus on providing secure and affordable cloud storage that can be used as a target for your existing backup solution. Now you can use Wasabi as your backup companion with FlyWP.

You can easily integrate Wasabi with FlyWP and start backing up your WordPress site.

Here’s a quick introduction to Wasabi as a cloud storage option for backups:

  • Cost-effective: Known for competitive pricing compared to other cloud storage services.
  • Focus on Hot Storage: Ideal for frequently accessed backups since it prioritizes fast retrieval.
  • Scalable: Easily adjust your storage space as your backup needs grow.
  • Security-focused: They emphasize data security with features like encryption.

Let’s get started with the process:

First, you must have the servers and sites created in FlyWP before proceeding with the steps.

Step one: getting started

First, enter one of the sites created here. Or you can create a new site with FlyWP.

Site creation

Then click on the backups.

Image 4

As you can see, nothing is here to configure. So you have to add the backup providers in the settings.

Image 5

Step two: adding Wasabi as a backup provider

  • Now go to the settings page and then backup providers. If you have already added the backup provider before, then they must be on the list.
Image 7

  • Click on the “Add New Provider” button.
Image 8

  • Next, you’ll see the providers list here. Select “Wasabi” and you will need to provide information like you name, access key, and secret key. For that visit Wasabi’s console. After you create an account, you’ll get a 30-day trial period.
Image 9

  • On the dashboard, navigate to the “access keys” button and then click on the “create access key“.
Image 10

  • Now select “Root User” and then click on the “Create” button.
Image 11

  • Here you go, you’ll find the access and secret keys. Just copy them and paste them into the FlyWP backup provider window.
Image 12

  • Now paste the credentials here. And then click on the “Add Provider” button.
Image 13

  • Your backup provider will be added here
Image 14

Step three: website backup configuration

Now before you create a backup, you need to enable an important option for a successful backup process. Yes, you need to create a bucket. For that, click on the “buckets” on the Wasabi’s dashboard and then fill in the blank pages.

  1. Bucket name
  2. Religion
  3. And quick setup (optional)
Image 15

  • Provide the information and remember the religion carefully. It will be needed.
Wasabi Account

  • Your bucket is being created.
Image 20

  • Provide the information. Bucket name that we have created earlier and the region. So it will automatically create a backup daily at 12 am.

Please note: Make sure to match the bucket and region name where you created it on Wasabi. Otherwise, you’ll get an error

Image 34

  • Click on “create manual backup” if you want to see if everything is working fine or not.
Image 18

  • Here, you can see the backup status. As you can see, it’s been created successfully.
Image 19

  • You can manually create a backup. For that, it won’t follow the regular backup frequency.
Image 22

Image 23

  • Your backup is ready.
Image 24

Now you can download the backup file and use it in the future. So this is how you can use Wasabi to create a backup of your WordPress site.

Get an overview of other backup providers. You can find them here.

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