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Custom Backup Provider

Are you looking to add a custom backup provider with FlyWP? Look no further. We have the option for you to customize and add your preferred backup provider’s data to do that efficiently.

In this documentation, you’ll learn how to add a S3-compatible backup provider to your WordPress site and easily create a backup.

Let’s follow the steps carefully.

Step one: general configuration

Like all other backup providers, you can add the custom backup provider from the same place. For that, navigate to Settings>Backup Providers.

Here, you need to add some required information:

  1. Name
  2. Region
  3. Endpoint URL
  4. Access Key ID
  5. Secret Access Key

So, when you visit the Settings>Backup Providers page, you can find the backup provider list. Select custom, and then follow the process.

Image 25

  • Next, move to the bucket section and carefully copy the information.

Note: We’re using Wasabi credentials for this tutorial, since it’s a S3 compatible backup provider.

Image 27

  • Name: Custom Wasabi Backup
  • Region: ca-central-1
  • Endpoint URL: https://s3.ca-central-1.wasabisys.com/

To get the credentials, visit here:

  • Access Key ID: From your Wasabi account
  • Secret Access Key: From your Wasabi account

For more details, learn how to Wasabi backup provider with FlyWP

Image 29

  • Here you go. The custom server is being added successfully.
Image 30

Step two: custom backup provider settings

  • Now find the providers from the drop-down list, add the bucket, and follow other things.
Image 31

  • The backup is in progress with the custom backup provider
Image 32

  • Your backup with a custom provider has been successfully created.
Image 33

Similarly, you can use any of the other server providers instead of Wasabi as a custom backup provider. This is how you can add a custom backup provider and create a backup of your WordPress site with FlyWP. Check out the official documentation for adding other backup providers here.

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