Never worry about your site security again with FlyWP’s built-in security measure

FlyWP automatically deploys optimized WordPress security measures, including Firewall rules, across all sites. Manage Firewall rules with a dedicated Firewall Manager

Automatic firewall for your sites & databases

FlyWP automatically deploys expert-recommended Firewall rules tailored specifically for WordPress, providing robust protection against threats

Cloudflare Integration for Advanced Security

With our integration with Cloudflare, enhance your website’s security, automatically update DNS records, purge cache, configure rules, and more

Optimized Nginx focused on security

Optimized Nginx can be configured to act as a Web Application Firewall, helping to filter and block malicious traffic before it reaches your web application. This proactive approach enhances your website’s security

Achieve Fort Knox like security for your sites and database

Let FlyWP take full control of your database and site security, while you do what you do best – creating amazing projects