FlyWP’s Core Configs
Are Proudly Open Source’d

At weDevs (the mother company of FlyWP), fostering open-source projects and vibrant communities isn’t just a belief — it’s our passion. We give back to the open-source community by sponsoring key projects, dynamic community events like WordCamps and local meetups, and actively contribute to WordPress.

Flywp Opensource

Easy Access to Nginx Config

FlyWP uses Nginx to host all WordPress sites. NGINX is open-source software for web serving, reverse proxying, caching, load balancing, media streaming, and more.

View FlyWP’s Nginx Config on GitHub

Access to Docker Build

FlyWP uses Docker to host all WordPress sites in an isolated environment. Docker makes sure each site is isolated in its own environment and ensures robust security.

View FlyWP’s Docker build process on GitHub

Explore More Open Source Projects and Initiatives of weDevs

weDevs has a wide range of open-source projects and initiates. For example, the feedback portal we’re using at FlyWP is also an open-source project we developed as IdeaBox to facilitate FlyWP users. Our entire suite of free plugins, and key SaaS projects are readily available on GitHub, inviting open-source enthusiasts, hackers, and builders to contribute and shape the future.

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