Host WordPress multisite with ease

One platform for all your WordPress websites – seamlessly add new sites to your multisite network

Multisite support

FlyWP supports WordPress Multisites — both sub-domains and sub-directory multisites, streamlining your WordPress management for maximum efficiency

Enable with one switch

All it takes is one click to enable WordPress multisite with FlyWP. Insert your domain and select the multisite option. FlyWP will do the rest for you!

Why try WordPress multisite?

For business owners, sometimes you may need to create a network of related websites with shared resources and user accounts. With that in mind, FlyWP supports multisite for maximum efficiency!

Create, Optimize, and Manage Your WordPress Multisite with FlyWP

Take full control of your WordPress multisite with leading WordPress management tools and services. Enhance performance, security, and user experience now!