Simplified and Instant
Demo Sites with FlyWP

With FlyWP, we have removed the complexities of creating demo/staging sites — making any experimentations of developers easier and simpler

Staging Sites

Create unlimited test sites for experimentation

Create test sites with a single click, granting you an unlimited canvas to experiment and refine your ideas. Bring your vision to life with seamless testing and development, ensuring a perfect final product.

Easy onboarding with test sites

Launch dedicated test sites with one click to make onboarding easier for newbies. Empower new team members to explore, experiment, and master your platform independently from day one.

Have an idea? Let’s test it out!

Unleash your creativity by testing in FlyWP’s unlimited test sites. Endless experimentation before perfecting your projects – the FlyWP way!

Let Your Creative Game Flow with FlyWP’s Simplified Staging Process

Do unlimited tinkering & experimentation with FlyWP’s cool ability to create unlimited test & staging sites