Managing databases & PHP versions is made easy with FlyWP

Simplify PHP version management with our user-friendly platform, while also managing your database with phpMyAdmin

phpMyAdmin console inside FlyWP

Manage your databases with phpMyAdmin, an open-source database management tool. By default it is disabled, enable when needed. It’s recommended to disable phpMyAdmin when not in use for security reasons

Easy switching of PHP versions

Easily switch to your desired PHP version to enhance your web development process; eliminating all complex setups and technical hurdles. You can even manage the PHP Memory Limit and Max File Upload Size as well

Enable PHP OPCache & JIT Compiler with a single click

FlyWP enables multiple ways to improve your site. By caching compiled PHP files in memory with PHP OPCache; to compile your PHP code to machine code at runtime with JIT; get all these amazing tools inside FlyWP

Start Making Your WordPress Development Journey Better with FlyWP

Take full control of your WordPress dev environment with FlyWP’s PHP management. Enhance performance, security, and user experience now!