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Server Maintenance

At FlyWP, we understand that regular maintenance is crucial to ensure the optimal performance and security of your server. Our Maintenance Window feature allows you to schedule these activities during times that have the least impact on your operations.

How to Schedule a Maintenance Window

  1. Access Your Server Dashboard: Log into your FlyWP dashboard.
  2. Navigate to Maintenance Window: Go to the Maintenance Window section found within the server options.
  3. Set Your Schedule:
    • Day: Select the most convenient day for your maintenance activities. This should ideally be when your server experiences the lowest traffic.
    • Hour: Specify the time frame for the maintenance activities. We will run the maintenance hours in UTC timezone, but you will see a converted time according to your browser timezone for your easy understanding.
  4. Save Your Settings: Once you’ve selected the day and time, click ‘Save Changes’ to finalize your maintenance window.

Maintenance Activities

During your designated window, FlyWP may perform a range of maintenance tasks, including but not limited to:

  • Server updates and patches.
  • Security enhancements.
  • Upgrades to software dependencies, like Docker images.

What to Expect

  • Service Interruptions: While we strive to minimize disruptions, you may experience temporary service interruptions or reduced performance.
  • Advance Notice: We recommend informing your users well in advance to prepare for any potential service impact during these times.