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How to Manage Server/Site Page

Hello FlyWP users! Good news for you! We have recently added an enhancement for you.

You’ll now see an option called “manage” in the server and site management. Using this section, you can manually configure some options for your website.

Let’s check them one by one:

Server management page

First, on the server page, you will see the “manage” section. Click here, and you’ll find the service management option and SSH/SFTP info.

In the services, you can restart the Nginx proxy, MySQL, Redis, and Ofelia. Also, in the SSH and SFTP info section, you can set the public IP, SSH port, SSH username, Sudo password, and SSH login.

Server page management

How to enable these features

Just click on “restart Nginx,” and then it will start the feature.

Image 24

Site management page

Similarly, in the site management tab, you’ll see the related options. Like service management and database credentials.

Service management: You can edit file permission, docker-compose, PHP, and Nginx.

Database credential: Here you can configure the database name, database username, and password.

Image 22

How to enable these features

Click on the button, and you’ll be asked whether to enable this feature or not. Just click “fix permission,” and that’s all. It will fix the issue.

Image 23

This is how you can configure the page management feature of FlyWP.

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