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How to manage emails on FlyWP

FlyWP by default doesn’t provide email services. However, you can easily connect any external email gateway with FlyWP. Handling domain emails externally has several benefits, and here’s why it’s a better approach:

Why FlyWP doesn’t offer email by default?

Yes, we don’t offer email hosting. Though it’s technically possible to setup email server in the same server, but it wouldn’t reach the inbox. Because simply email is hard, your IP isn’t warmed for sending emails, dealing with reputation and blacklisting, etc. That’s why you should use reputable email senders like SendGrid, Postmark, Mailgun, etc.

We make it easy to configure an SMTP server so that your site can send via 3rd party sender without needing any SMTP plugin.

FlyWP recommends using a known and trusted email provider

Benefits of Using External Email Services

Reliability and Uptime

  • Specialized Services: External email providers specialize in email delivery, ensuring high reliability and uptime. They have robust infrastructures designed specifically for handling large volumes of emails without downtime.
  • Redundancy: They often have redundant systems in place to prevent service interruptions.
  • Advanced Security Measures: External providers invest heavily in security, offering features like encryption, spam filtering, and advanced threat detection to protect your emails.
  • Compliance: Many email services comply with international standards and regulations, such as GDPR, ensuring your emails are handled with the highest level of security and privacy.
  • Flexible Plans: External providers offer various plans that can scale according to your business needs, from small startups to large enterprises.
  • Resource Management: By offloading email management, you free up server resources on your FlyWP setup, ensuring your site runs optimally.
  • Dedicated Support: Email providers offer dedicated support teams who are experts in managing and troubleshooting email-related issues.
  • Automatic Updates: They handle all updates and maintenance, ensuring your email service is always up-to-date with the latest features and security patches.
  • Rich Features: External email services come with a plethora of features like advanced email filtering, automated responses, and integration with other business tools (e.g., calendars, contacts).
  • Seamless Integration: They often integrate seamlessly with other third-party applications and platforms, enhancing your overall productivity.

Business Email Providers

Provider NamePricing
Google WorkspaceStarts at $6 per user/month
Microsoft 365Starts at $5 per user/month
Zoho MailStarts at $1 per user/month
ProtonMailStarts at €5 per user/month
FastMailStarts at $3 per user/month
Amazon WorkMailStarts at $4 per user/month
Rackspace EmailStarts at $2.99 per user/month
iCloud+Starts at $0.99 per user/month

Apple offers email hosting with iCloud+. It’s $.99 a month comes with 50GB of storage, you can add 5 domains with 3 email address per domain, you’ll need an Apple device just to activate iCloud mail, after that everything can be done through icloud.com. If you host your DNS with Cloudflare there’s also one click setup, super painless just a few clicks and you’re set
MXRouteStarts at $5 per year
Cloudflare Email RoutingFree
Server MXStarts at €1 per user/month
PostmarkStarts at $10 per month
MailgunStarts at $35 per month
SendgridStarts at $15 per month

Using external email services with FlyWP allows you to leverage specialized providers that offer advanced features, security, and reliability. This approach ensures that your website remains fast and efficient while your emails are managed professionally. Choose a provider that best fits your business needs and enjoy seamless, secure, and reliable email communication.