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Server Providers

Setting up server providers in FlyWP for your team is an essential step in managing and deploying servers. With FlyWP, you can add some of the popular server providers in minutes.

What is a server provider?

server providers

A server provider is a cloud service where your servers are hosted. Examples of server providers are Digital Ocean, Vultr, AWS, and more. By integrating your server provider with FlyWP, you can easily manage and deploy servers directly from the FlyWP dashboard.

Important notes to keep

  • Always ensure you have the appropriate permissions to add server providers to your team.
  • Keep your API tokens secure. Never share them outside of the intended platform or with unauthorized individuals.
  • Integrating a server provider does not automatically create servers. It only establishes a link between FlyWP and the provider for easier server management.

Now, with server providers integrated into your FlyWP team settings, you’re one step closer to seamless server deployments and management.