FlyWP April in Review: Exciting Features and Enhancements

Hello, FlyWP users! We hope you’re doing good.

As a part of every month’s update, we have some exciting news to share with you. We try our best to analyze user’s queries and feedback and turn them into features. So, like every month, April was also an amazing time for the entire FlyWP team. From the dev team to marketing, everyone worked hard during each release and enhancement.

So we’re ready to share all the updates with you. Are you?

Let’s jump in and see the updates.

New feature: FlyWP partners with DigitalOcean

FlyWP integrates with FlyWP

On Apr 18, 2024, we announced our partnership with DigitalOcean. It will now help you provision servers on DigitalOcean directly from the FlyWP dashboard. You must have a credit card on file to take advantage of this feature. Once you proceed with the “Provision through FlyWP” option, you can select your server’s location, CPU, RAM, and other hardware specifications to start your WordPress experience in just a few minutes.

New enhancements: ARM processor support on FlyWP

ARM processor support on FlyWP

On Apr 25, 2024, we had one of our major enhancements to FlyWP. We now have support for ARM processors!  🎉This enhancement brings improved performance, efficiency, and compatibility to your FlyWP-powered websites. With ARM processor support, you can easily host WordPress sites on ARM-based servers using FlyWP. For example, providers like Hetzner have ARM server options available.

ARM-based servers are known for: 

  1. Faster performance: ARM processors are known for their speed and efficiency, ensuring that your websites load quickly and respond swiftly to user interactions.
  2. Improved efficiency: ARM processors consume less power compared to traditional processors, resulting in reduced energy consumption and lower operating costs.
  3. Low cost: ARM-based servers typically have lower costs than Intel/AMD processors

We are always striving to enhance FlyWP and offer you the best possible tools for your online presence. Our decision to incorporate ARM support is just one of the many ways we aim to achieve excellence and innovation. If you have any questions or need help with this update, feel free to get in touch with our support team. They are always ready to assist you.

New enhancements and fixes

New enhancements and fixes of FlyWP

✅ Additional validation before site creation: In the past, some users created new sites before FlyWP had completed server installation and configuration. As a result, the created site experienced database errors because the database server was not yet up and running. To prevent this issue, we’ve implemented a validation process. Going forward, FlyWP will prompt users to wait until the installation process is complete before creating a new server. This change will ensure a smoother and better user experience 🚀

FlyWP March in Review: Exciting Features and Enhancements

Notable fixes

Backup on an ARM processor: There were issues with the backup feature on ARM-based servers, but the problem has been resolved for all users.

Failed to fetch server status: For bigger servers that have a storage capacity of 1 terabyte or more, the server status feature was not functioning correctly, and it displayed an error message. However, we have addressed this issue, and the server status feature should now work seamlessly for all types of servers, irrespective of their size, architecture, or storage capacity.

Updates from the marketing end

Besides product updates, we have done some tremendous stuff in marketing. For better promotion, we are trying different marketing aspects to spread FlyWP to everyone as the best server management solution for WordPress.

Here are the significant things that we did in April:

FlyWP is now live on AppSumo🎉

FlyWP is now live on AppSumo

One of the greatest moments for us was making live FlyWP on AppSumo. After several collaborations, discussions, and feedback, we managed to confirm the deal with AppSumo. As of April, you can now snag a fantastic lifetime deal on FlyWP through AppSumo, giving you the tools to manage your WordPress sites with ease and efficiency.

This incredible offer provides you with the power of FlyWP at a significantly reduced cost, allowing you to easily and efficiently manage your WordPress sites. Whether you’re a freelancer handling multiple client sites or an agency owner managing a large portfolio, FlyWP simplifies your workflow and enhances your processes.

11th-anniversary campaign special LTD🎉

anniversary campaign for FlyWP

To celebrate our 11th anniversary at weDevs, we wanted to give back to our users by offering a limited-time deal (LTD) for FlyWP. This exciting campaign proved to be a major success, helping many users streamline their WordPress site management and experience the power of FlyWP at an unbeatable price. It was a major success, and it helped many users manage their WordPress sites more efficiently.

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So that’s all for March. We hope you have enjoyed all of our exciting news and updates. Thank you for choosing FlyWP, where hosting meets excellence. 🚀✨Thank you for being part of the FlyWP journey!

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