FlyWP March in Review: Exciting Features and Enhancements

Like every month, FlyWP has some great updates and news to share with you. Yes, March was amazing for us since we released some great features. And it provided a super cool addition to FlyWP. The entire team worked hard to brainstorm those features. Later on, they converted those ideas into a feature.

So, we are super excited to share all the updates we made in March. Are you?

Let’s begin:

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New feature: easy Cron Jobs scheduling

Cron Job

On March 4, 2024, we released Cron Jobs, a highly-requested feature. Users have to perform some repetitive tasks while managing servers. For example, database cleaning, auto-updates, etc. So this feature reduces the extra time and effort by helping you just schedule the commands based on the frequency.

New feature: streamlined email sending with SMTP

Email sending

On March 11, 2024, we had our second consecutive release. It was about the email sending. This feature was missing. Considering the user’s demands and needs, the FlyWP team worked on this to make the entire workflow smooth and easy. After the addition of this feature, FlyWP is fully functional, as you can send emails directly from the FlyWP dashboard.

You can utilize either a custom SMTP server or the available servers from our list (Postmark, SendGrid, and Mailgun) with this feature. Simply enable it, then navigate to our WordPress plugin, FlyWP Helper, and either fill in the settings or initiate a test run for smooth integration.

New feature: individual server/site management page

Next March 25, 2024, we released our third feature. This feature is quite interesting and sleek. After you log in to FlyWP, you will find the “Manage” section on the left sidebar of the panel, both in the Server and Site section.

For server

  • Easily restart server-wide services such as Nginx proxy, MySQL, Redis, and Ofelia directly from the new Manage tab in your server dashboard.
  • SSH/SFTP information has been repositioned for better visibility in the UI, complete with convenient copy functionality.
  • The root password for MySQL was previously sent via email upon server provisioning. Now, for enhanced security, it has been removed from emails. These credentials are now securely accessible within the server dashboard UI.
Server management section

For sites

  • You can restart services like Docker, PHP, and Nginx
  • Use the ‘File Permission’ feature to quickly reset file permissions to their correct state if they are ever incorrectly altered.
  • Securely retrieve database credentials for specific sites, making sharing access with team members safer as needed.
Site management section

New feature: SFTP file manager

Image 17

Last but not least, on March 31, 2024, we had our last release. As a complete server management tool, FlyWP is evolving day by day from gathering experiences from different circumstances. The file manager feature is one of the features that was badly needed to fulfill FlyWP as a server control panel.

Considering the user’s demand and requirements, our team worked on this feature and merged it with the FlyWP dashboard.

So what’s new?

  • Users can navigate through the website’s file structure without needing to SSH into your server.
  • Easy to rename, delete, and create new files and folders right from the dashboard.
  • Our chunked upload method allows you to upload large files, bypassing any site-imposed file size restrictions.

New enhancement: Updated database section

Updated Database Section

We have added a new section to the database that streamlines access for advanced management and troubleshooting of the MySQL root password. These updates are intended to simplify your workflow, making management tasks more intuitive and less time-consuming. By removing sensitive information from emails and placing it within the dashboard, we aim to enhance the security of your data.

Notable enhancements

  • Updated SSL manager for new and custom domain
  • Enhanced dark mode

Design and UI-UX updates

In March, we updated our entire UI-UX design to provide a smooth navigational experience to users. For instance, we have optimized our landing page and added some cool animations, text alignment, and other stuff to make it so good and lucrative. Plus, we have created 17 more landing pages. They include our feature pages and comparison pages.

Exciting news🎉

Image 21

Our newly updated lifetime deal is active now. You can use unlimited servers and sites, backup, and team features for just $999 (dropping from $1999).

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So that’s all for March. We hope you have enjoyed all of our exciting news and updates. Thank you for choosing FlyWP, where hosting meets excellence. 🚀✨Thank you for being part of the FlyWP journey!

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