Introducing Seamless Deployment: Deploy from GitHub to FlyWP Servers

We are thrilled to announce an exciting new feature that enhances your web development experience with FlyWP: the ability to deploy directly from GitHub to FlyWP servers. This seamless integration streamlines your entire workflow and also makes it easier to bring your projects to life.

This is the initial workflow interaction with FlyWP for our developers, which outlines the key features of our platform. FlyWP has introduced workflows as a fundamental feature to improve productivity and agility for our customers. Workflows within FlyWP consist of a smooth sequence of tasks or steps that enable users to accomplish their goals repeatedly with ease.

FlyWP offers advanced workflows that help businesses streamline their operations, such as onboarding customers or employees, updating plugins, initiating new projects, and pushing releases to production. Our workflows embody reliability and provide an exceptional user experience, ensuring minimal error rates and swift completion times. With push-pull actions taking mere minutes, you can automate and expedite tasks with ease.

Long story short: why we brought this exclusive feature

At FlyWP, we don’t want to be just another hosting platform. Our goal is to be the best platform for our users—a simple yet powerful digital experience platform that helps digital agencies move forward. Our dedication to understanding our customers’ unique needs, saving their time, and fostering productivity through efficient and automated workflows is reflected in their positive reviews. We have received great feedback from both the B2B and B2D sectors, highlighting our commitment to delivering exceptional services.

Users can manage digital projects with enhanced flexibility, collaboration options, and automation capabilities via FlyWP Workflows, contributing to daily productivity and success.

Key points of this feature:

Effortless Deployment:

With just a few clicks, you can now deploy your GitHub repositories directly to FlyWP servers. This feature eliminates the need for manual file transfers or complex deployment processes.

GitHub Integration:

Connect your GitHub account seamlessly to your FlyWP environment. This integration ensures that your projects are always up-to-date and can be deployed effortlessly whenever changes are pushed to your GitHub repositories.

Automated Workflows:

Say goodbye to manual deployment tasks. Enjoy automated workflows that save you time and effort, allowing you to focus on what matters most—your code and creativity.

Real-time Updates:

Receive real-time updates on the deployment process. Track progress and instantly identify any issues that may arise during the deployment, ensuring a smooth and reliable experience.

To get started, follow these simple steps:

  • Connect Your GitHub Account: In your FlyWP dashboard, navigate to Profile >Settings> Git Providers. And then click on the Connect your button. This secure connection enables the seamless flow of your projects from GitHub to FlyWP.
connecting Git Account
  • Authorize your account: In the next step, you will need to authorize your account with FlyWP.
Image 2
  • Connection is successful: After connecting the GitHub account, you can see the updated message here.
Image 3
  • Now select the option “Install from a Git Repository.
Image 4
  • Next, you’ll find the Configure Git option. Click here.
Image 5
  • Select GitHub, repository name, branch, and web directory, and click on “push to deploy.
Image 6
  • Now in the installation tab, provide your site title, email, name, and password. Then click on the next button.
Image 7
  • Now, after creating the site, you’ll get a deployment tab. Click on it, and you’ll see all the details.
Image 8
Image 9

Here are the details for the deployment trigger URL, branch and history.

Image 10
Image 11

So whenever you push any deploy to your Git repo, all the details will be updated here.

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Why choose FlyWP for GitHub deployments?

  • Reliability: Benefit from a reliable and robust hosting environment that ensures your projects are always accessible.
  • Security: Trust in the security measures implemented by FlyWP to safeguard your code and data.
  • Scalability: Whether you’re working on a personal project or managing a team, FlyWP scales with your needs, ensuring optimal performance.

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Get Started Today:

Experience the convenience of deploying directly from GitHub to FlyWP servers. Enhance your development workflow and bring your projects to life effortlessly.

Try it now by logging into your FlyWP account and exploring the new GitHub deployment feature!

Happy coding!

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