New: SFTP File Manager

Good news from FlyWP! Managing your website’s files has become easier with our new SFTP File Manager integrated directly into your site management dashboard.

What’s New:

  • File Management at Your Fingertips: Navigate through your website’s file structure without needing to SSH into your server.
  • File Operations Simplified: Effortlessly rename, delete, and create new files and folders right from the dashboard.
  • Upload Without Limits: Our chunked upload method allows you to upload large files, bypassing any site-imposed file size restrictions.

You can now navigate your site’s directories, and manage files without needing to access the server via SSH. Create, rename, and delete files or folders in just a few clicks. Plus, uploading large files is no longer a headache, thanks to our new chunked upload feature, which lets you bypass any site upload limits.

We’ve started with the essentials, but this is just the beginning. More sophisticated features, such as file editing and archive management, are on the way.