Redis Cache Management Is Now in Dashboard

We’re excited to announce an update that streamlines the caching management experience for FlyWP users. Redis Object Cache control is now directly accessible from the FlyWP dashboard, making it easier than ever to handle your site’s caching needs.

What’s New:

  • Dashboard Integration: Redis Object Cache enable/disable functionality is now a part of the FlyWP dashboard.
  • Renamed Sidebar: The sidebar previously known as “Page Caching” has been aptly renamed to “Caching” to reflect the broader scope of caching options available, including page and object caching.
  • Simplified Cache Clearing: Clear your site’s page and object cache with the click of a button directly from the dashboard, ensuring your content is fresh and your site is performing at its best.

Additional Details:

  • The “Caching” page now includes options for both FastCGI Cache and Redis Object Cache.
  • Enabling Redis Object Cache can significantly speed up your website by storing database query results and API calls in fast-access memory.
  • This update aims to provide more control and flexibility to website administrators and developers directly through the FlyWP interface.

To manage your site’s cache, simply go to the “Caching” tab in your dashboard. Here, you’ll find the options to toggle FastCGI and Redis Object Cache, as well as to clear the cache as needed.

We hope this update enhances your FlyWP experience, providing more convenience and control over your site’s performance.

Happy caching!