New Feature: Email Sending

Now, you have the flexibility to utilize either a custom SMTP server or one from our list of supported providers for sending emails. No longer is it necessary to employ a custom SMTP plugin within your WordPress site. We’ve streamlined the process by automatically configuring the email sending settings for you natively.

Flywp Email Sending

Our integration seamlessly supports the following providers:

  • Postmark
  • SendGrid
  • Mailgun

Furthermore, you can easily integrate a custom provider with the options we offer. Simply enable it, then navigate to our WordPress Plugin, FlyWP helper, and either fill in the settings or initiate a test run for smooth integration.
To setup Email Sending

  1. Open FlyWP App and go to Email
  2. Select email provider
  3. Add From Email, From Name, SMTP Username & SMTP Password
  4. Go to FlyWP Plugin and do some testing!
FlyWP Email Settings