Introducing First Party Support for Hetzner on FlyWP!

We’re thrilled to announce that FlyWP now supports Hetzner Cloud! Now, you can easily deploy your servers on Hetzner using your Hetzner API credentials. Hetzner integration was one of the top requested features in our Feedback portal, we’re glad to announce that this is now publicly availabe.

You can select Hetzner directly from our server creation interface. This means more flexibility and choice for your cloud infrastructure needs.

How to Get Started —

  1. Log in to your FlyWP dashboard.
  2. Go to the server creation page.
  3. Choose Hetzner from the list of cloud providers.
  4. Enter your Hetzner API credentials.
  5. Deploy your server with ease!

The attached image shows the new server creation interface where you can now select Hetzner among other popular cloud providers like DigitalOcean, Vultr, AWS, and Akamai. Simply click on the Hetzner icon, input your credentials, and you’re ready to go!

Simplify WordPress server management with FlyWP today! ☁️