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Docker powered blazing fast and optimized WordPress
site management platform on the cloud. Connect your server with
FlyWP, and sit back. Let FlyWP handle the rest

A Cloud Server Control Panel
Tailored for WordPress

PHP, MySQL, Nginx 🧑‍💻

Easy Updates 🔄

Docker 🐳

Let’s Encrypt auto SSL 🔒

Proper Backup and Restore ☁️

Cloudflare Integration 🪄

Full SSH Access 🔐

Security Built-in 🔒

Fully focused on WordPress 🎯

Bring your own server, we don’t mind

FlyWP makes hosting WordPress sites easy as pie. Just connect your server with FlyWP and let us handle the rest. Our expert team is prepared to provide top-notch support to ensure your WordPress sites run at peak performance

FlyWP works out of the box with any server

Amazon EC2 Google Cloud Vultr
Digital Ocean Akamai Custom server
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Support For Any

Fully Focused on WordPress

12+ years of WordPress Experience

At weDevs, we’ve been working with WordPress for 12+ years, serving 530K+ users. We’re bringing all our experiences to FlyWP.

We’ve added many thoughtful enhancements to FlyWP for WordPress sites, including the option to change memory limit, turn on/off debug mode, enable/disable script debugging, automatic login to WordPress sites, and more

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Developer Friendly

FlyWP — Where Speed, Security, and Control Meets

FlyWP is made by developers for developers. FlyWP accelerates loading times, providing a lightning-fast user experience. We empower you with the tools you need for efficient debugging, making your development process smoother.

We’ll be introducing Automatic Deployment from Git in the coming weeks to make sure the latest code is always deployed without any hassle

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Bring Your Own Server and Host WordPress within 2 min

FlyWP provides an exceptional WordPress hosting experience optimized for top-tier cloud platforms, including Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services (EC2) , Digital Ocean, Vultr, Akamai (formerly Linode), and more. We also support any custom server, e.g., VPSes as well.


Unleash Your Creative-debug
Mode with FlyWP

Creating staging sites is no longer complicated.
Just a few clicks, and you’re ready to go!

Experience the Thrill
of Flying High
Servers & Sites

We make server and website management an
enjoyable experience. Join us and experience the
the thrill of ‘flying up’ servers and sites.

Advanced Control Panel
for WordPress!

Maintain WordPress within FlyWP with its integrated control panel
with unmatched efficiency and control

Fully Optimized for

FlyWP’s precise optimization guarantees that your websites consistently deliver top-notch performance. Enjoy faster loading times, higher user satisfaction, and improved SEO rankings, all thanks to FlyWP’s optimization

Automatic Plugin/Theme Update Management

Effortless WordPress updates are at your fingertips with FlyWP. Stay in control and enjoy a secure, up-to-date WordPress site without worries.

Magic Login

Ever felt like “I need to login to the backend now”, but don’t feel like going through another tab? Well, in that case, now you can log in to any of your WordPress sites directly from FlyWP for easy access!

WP Config Editor

FlyWP’s WP Config Editor puts you in CONTROL. With debug mode, error logging, PHP error tracking, script debugging, and the ability to disable core updates, you have the power to fine-tune your WordPress experience.

WordPress Multisite support

Whether you’re a webmaster overseeing multiple sites or embarking on a network of blogs, our platform empowers you with the flexibility and control you need.

WordPress CLI Support

With WordPress CLI support, you can now leverage the command line to streamline and automate various WordPress management tasks, making your development process more efficient and flexible.

Supercharge Your WordPress
with Powerful Caching

Our powerful caching solution turbocharges the performance of your
WordPress sites, ensuring they load lightning-fast for your visitors.

Full Page Caching

Full Page Caching

Eliminate PHP & database queries

Improve your WordPress sites’ page load time and user experience with FlyWP’s built-in full-page caching. When turned on, websites act as a static site and eliminates the need for PHP and database queries

Radis Caching

Redis Caching

Accelerate WordPress with object caching

Is low-latency data access crucial for your website? Use FlyWP’s built-in Redis cache for object caching. Redis object caching reduces database requests massively and helps to boost WordPress site speed


Compatibility with Other Plugins

Integrate your favorite caching solution with FlyWP. If you want to use any other caching plugin other than FlyWP’s own implementation, feel free to use them

FlyWP Is Built for the Developers,
by the Developers

Elevate your development experience with FlyWP’s developer-centric approach

Easily deploy codes
on the fly (Upcoming)

Simply push your code changes to your repository, and our platform covers the rest. The result? Instant, hassle-free updates that keep your site in sync with your development progress

Access to
MySQL via PHPMyAdmin


Easily manage your MySQL databases, make swift updates, and troubleshoot confidently with access to PHPMyAdmin

Access to
Server Logs

Gain valuable insights, diagnose issues, and monitor your website’s health with direct access to server logs

Switch to the latest
version of PHP anytime

Optimize your projects by changing PHP versions with a few clicks. Enhance site speed, ensure compatibility, and enjoy the flexibility to choose the PHP version that suits your needs

Focus on Your Work While We
Focus on Your Security

Enjoy peace of mind with robust security features, real-time
monitoring, and automatic updates.

Automatic Firewall

With an automatic 7G Firewall integrated into FlyWP, your site enjoys enhanced protection and real-time threat detection. Safeguard your online presence effortlessly and keep your data and content secure

Isolation of Sites with Docker

Each website is kept in its secure environment, isolated & shielded from potential risks. This means enhanced protection, better performance, and minimal interference.

Free SSL Certificate

With FlyWP, every new site created inside our server has a free SSL certificate. Enjoy the peace of mind that your data and visitors are protected, right from the start

Cloudflare Integration

With easy integration with Cloudflare, enhance your website’s security, automatically update DNS records, purge cache, and configure rules right from the dashboard

Optimized Nginx Focused on

Optimized Nginx can be configured to act as a Web Application Firewall, helping to filter and block malicious traffic before it reaches your web application. This proactive approach enhances your website’s security

Automatic Updates

Automatic Updates act as your continuous armor, safeguarding your website from vulnerabilities and emerging threats. Say goodbye to the manual update headaches and embrace the ease and peace of mind with Automatic Updates. With it, your website is always shielded.

Store Your WordPress Site
Backups Safely in Your Cloud

You have full control over your WordPress site backups with the convenience
of storing them in your designated cloud storage bucket for added peace of

Schedule Backup

Say goodbye to manual backups and hello to peace of mind. With scheduled backups, your website’s data is safeguarded like clockwork.

Manual Backup

Your website’s data is precious, and with our WordPress Management service, you’re in command. Introducing our Manual Backup feature your direct route to safeguarding your WordPress site.

Download Backup

Downloading a backup is as simple as a click. Whether you’re an experienced webmaster or just starting out, our user-friendly tool ensures that your data is always accessible.

Managing Teams with
Different Roles

Assign different levels of access to team members, ensuring everyone works efficiently and securely

Super Admin

Total Control and Central Management

As a Super Admin, you have complete control over all settings and permissions. You are the central pillar in managing your team. Manage servers & credentials, create sites, and access everything

Server Admin

Key Players in Server Management

Server admins can manage already created servers & sites. But can not they create a new server for security purposes

Site Admin

Key Players in Site Management

Site admins can manage the sites and sites only, including creating, updating, or even deleting sites. They don’t have server level access

What People Say About Us

We take immense pride in what we’ve accomplished for our customers. Their
feedback on our cloud server service means a lot to us. Here are some
testimonials from our customers sharing their experiences:

I was surprised how easy it was to setup FlyWP. This interface here makes things very easy to deploy your cloud hosting service. You can setup your own websites and these are extremely fast. FlyWP gives you a very very good interface that is WordPress friendly, allows you to easily communicate and host websites on Cloud hosting services.

FlyWP is a really really amazing product!

– SiteKrafter (MAK)

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